The Difference Between Dispatch Contractors and a Dedicated Dispatch Team

For small or even medium-sized logistics companies, it can be difficult to employ a full-time, 24/7 dispatch team. However, many contracts these days require 24/7 dispatch. In other words, if you can’t provide it, you’re going to miss out on a lot of business. 

And so, many companies turn to third-party night dispatch services to make up the difference. Some will hire remote dispatch contractors to fill in the gaps. A better solution, however, is to employ a dedicated dispatch team like Night Dispatch to cover your overnight dispatching needs. 

What makes us different from traditional dispatch contractors? Let’s take a look! 


Dispatch contractors are essentially a cheaper version of a regular employee. That means they need time off, sick days, holidays, and more. If they can’t make it in, you’re left with a hole in your schedule. Our dedicated dispatch team, however, is available when you need us.  

Since we have multiple people available, you don’t have to worry about us missing for a sick day or vacation. We also work all holidays except Christmas for no additional charge. 

Not to be confused with a call center, we keep a consistent team of people dedicated to your account so that they know your process and how things should be done. 

Communication Skills 

Dispatch contractors are often people overseas who speak English as a second language. Because dispatching requires accurate, timely responses and effective communication, it’s very important that the person handling it is a native English speaker. 

Even someone who is considered fluent in English can make mistakes, take extra time to figure out how to communicate something, or fail to capture the nuance of cultural expressions. 

At Nigh Dispatch, our dedicated team is located right in Ohio, so you don’t have to worry about anything being lost in translation. 

Industry Knowledge and Experience 

Many dispatch contractors work within multiple industries, covering generic duties without understanding the intricacies of the people they’re dealing with. These can lead to frustrations, especially among drivers who have little patience for someone who doesn’t know what exactly they’re talking about. 

At Night Dispatch, we only work in the trucking industry, and we have done so for many years. We even help some of our clients create their SOP. 

Take Your Logistics to the Next Level 

If you’re struggling to pay for your night dispatch workers, or you’re tired of missing out on bids because you don’t offer 24/7 dispatch service, consider giving us a try. At Night Dispatch, we work as a seamless branch of your team, providing you with the level of excellence needed to compete with the big boys of the industry.  

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