About Us

Why Night Dispatch?

We allow small to medium size companies to provide “white glove” service to their customers at a reasonable rate. Many dedicated contracts (such as grocery stores, large auto/truck manufacturers etc.) require freight companies to have a 24-hr dispatch. This has historically left small to medium size businesses in the trucking industry on the sidelines until now. We allow the smaller businesses to be competitive against the few big ones out there and in many cases provide better service than the bigger companies. It is all about communication and we are information disseminators. Issues happen during transportation but the key is catching it in a reasonable time and notifying the proper parties.

How do we help your business?

We help our clients by providing a dedicated team of 3-10 dispatchers (depending on customer’s needs). The dispatchers learn the customer’s S.O.P. (or help create one if needed by consulting with the client over a period of 3-4 months). This ensures that the best service is provided not only to our clients but to theirs as well, at a fraction of the cost you would pay to host service in-house.

Our business grows when your business grows. We want to ensure your success so you will continue to keep the contracts you have. We do this by tracking loads, problem solving and effective communication.

What is the future of this industry/how does Night Dispatch help the industry develop and evolve?

As the tech world found its way to the Transportation Industry with state of the art TMS (Transportation Management Software) to GPS tracking like MacroPoint and Badger. Start-up to med. size businesses have found a more level playing field against the big freight companies. These advances in technology have allowed for quicker tracking and notifications if there is a problem, but you still need a person to process the information and watch the technology as well as understand it so they know when there is a problem and can start making phone calls and notifying the proper parties. Think of Night Dispatch as your main program and the GPS Tracking and TMS software as an add-on that integrates.

Night Dispatch helps the industry develop and evolve by setting the bar on after hour customer service and allowing the smaller companies to not only compete with the bigger ones but far exceed them in quality of service.