Outsourcing Your Dispatch Without Moving It Overseas

Dispatch is critical to making sure your drivers know what’s happening around them. A quality dispatcher does more than rely obvious information over the radio. 

They operate as an extension of your company, providing key oversight and real-time updates that can make or break your delivery schedules. That includes finding loads, redirecting drivers in case of construction/weather/accidents, rerouted delayed shipments, maintaining compliance, handling customer service, and more. 

Housing your own dispatch team, however, can get pricey. Especially when it comes to night-time dispatch. That’s why many companies try to cut it out, automate it, or outsource it. 

While many blue-collar jobs have been either automated or outsourced in recent years, truck driving has proved resistant to these trends. The technology simply isn’t there to automate truck driving (and it will likely be a long time before it comes close to full automation). As for outsourcing, you obviously can’t move your drivers overseas when you’re delivering freight inside the country. 

And so, companies look to outsource the parts of the supply chain that can be done remotely, starting with dispatch. 

The Problem with Moving Dispatch Overseas 

Moving any job overseas comes with certain problems. It takes money away from the US economy. It takes jobs out of the US. You’ll never directly meet or communicate with the people talking to your drivers.  

Ultimately, there’s a lack of oversite and control with any outsourced job. 

With logistics dispatch, it’s especially problematic. Dispatch requires clear, efficient communication. When English is someone’s second language, there are going to be problems. Even if the person is considered fluent in English, they’ll lack an understanding of the culture, terminology, geography, and more. 

This barrier of separation can result in delays, errors, and frustration on the driver’s side. That doesn’t mean you can’t outsource dispatch. You just need to look in the borders of the US. 

Third Party Dispatch Can Be Very Helpful 

Third-party dispatch offers many key advantages, particularly for small to medium trucking companies. For starters, it’s much cheaper than hiring your own staff. Third party logistics can also open you up to tools and practices that the big companies operate with. 

And it’s particularly great for enabling 24-7 dispatch services. 

Many contracts require 24-hour logistics services. If you can’t offer that, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. That’s where we come in. 

Night Dispatch offers quality, dependable third-party truck dispatch services for companies of all sizes. We’re located right here in the US, so you won’t have to worry about any communication barriers. It’s our goal to operate as if we were part of your company. 

And since we’ve worked in and around the industry for a long time, we have expert knowledge of best practices. 

With Night Dispatch, you can compete with big names for a much smaller cost. Contact us today! 

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