Our Night Dispatch Services

In the world of transportation, expectations for a timely delivery are higher than ever. Customers expect you to work non-stop to ensure their orders arrive as early as possible. To compete with the bigger companies, you need to incorporate night dispatch services. 

While providing 24-hour services is great in theory, many small-to-mid freight carriers simply aren’t capable of employing staff to cover all hours of the day. 

That’s where we come in. True to our name, Nigh Dispatch provides night dispatch services so that when your staff goes home for the day, your company keeps running. 

We provide communication between freight carriers and your customers, relaying shipment status updates and notifications of delays, contacting roadside assistance, and much more. 

If you’re ready to deliver superior service no-matter the time of day, contact Night Dispatch today! 

Customized Night Dispatch Services to Meet Your Needs

Every company is different, and that means their needs are different. That’s why at Night Dispatch, we take a customizable approach, providing the level of service you’re looking for.

Whether you need 3 dispatchers or 10, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, we can grow with you as your business grows. With Night Dispatch at your side, you cannot only compete against the big-names in the industry, but you can outmatch them in accuracy and quality of service.

It’s our goal to become a seamless part of your company. Our dispatchers will learn your SOP so that we can carry on your values. Don’t have a proper SOP set? Our consultation services can help you develop one that’s true to your 


All of this can be had at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house team.

Upgrade your business today. Give us a call or send us an email and learn how our night dispatch services can take your company’s freight operations to the next level. We look forward to partnering with you.

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