Keeping Track of Your Freight, 24 Hours a Day

When it comes to those critical shipments for your most important clients, you need to be able to know where they are at all times. For companies that don’t have a 24-7 staff, this can be difficult. Adding overnight workers might sound nice in theory, but for small to mid-size freight companies it’s too costly, and ultimately, unpractical.

Thankfully, Nigh Dispatch is here to provide the 24 hour freight tracking your business needs.

At Night Dispatch, when your team goes home, we go to work, ensuring your freight is on schedule. Should something go wrong, we’ll notify you of delays, contact road-side assistance, and work to get your freight back on track.

For 24-hour freight tracking, you can trust in Night Dispatch.

24 hour freight tracking

More Than 24-Hour Freight Tracking

It’s our goal at Night Dispatch to act as an extension of your company. That means providing the services that your company needs for every shipment they make. With a dedicated team of 3-10 dispatchers, we’re prepared to handle your communication, notifications, EFS/Comcheck, and more.

The recent influx of affordable, real-time technology has helped level the barriers between the big names and the smaller companies. We’re able to work with state of the art TMS software and GPS tracking to offer real-time data and freight handling at a level small companies could only dream of a decade or so ago.

But it’s not just about the tech we offer or the services we provide. It’s the people behind our dispatch desks that truly make us what we are. Our team is customer-driven, placing quality service and satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

With the Night Dispatch team at your side, you’re not only able to compete with the top companies in the industry. You can out-deliver them.

For 24-hour freight tracking and dispatch at a price you can afford, contact Night Dispatch today. We’ll keep your freight on track.