Managing Nighttime Dispatcher Costs

Managing Nighttime Dispatcher Costs

When you’re running a small-to-medium sized logistics company, every dollar matters. You can’t always hire for all of the positions you wish you had. For some companies, this means forgoing a night dispatch team altogether.  

This, however, is a mistake. Many larger contracts won’t except bids from companies that can’t provide 24/7 logistics and dispatching. So what do you do? Do you hire an overnight staff you can’t afford? That’s probably not a great idea either. 

Instead, you should look for a way to have night dispatch without breaking your budget. 

Saving Costs on Nightly Dispatch 

There are different ways that trucking companies try to save on night dispatch costs. Some might try to place all of the overnight responsibility on one or two people. Not only can this be a lot of pressure, but you can run into serious issues when someone is out sick. 

Other companies look to outsource it to third-party call centers. While these are certainly a cheaper alternative, they come with their own cost. Call centers usually work across multiple industries at once, leaving them with a poor understanding of trucking. 

Additionally, your drivers will likely be working with someone different every time. And of course, since call centers tend to be out of country, there can be other communication errors too. The end result is a poor customer experience that will leave your drivers very frustrated. 

The best solution is to utilize a third-party logistics company that specializes in trucking.  
As it happens, we can help with that. 

Night Dispatch offers a customer-focused, cost effective solution for your after-hours dispatching needs. We work exclusively in the trucking and logistics industry (and have done so for many years). We know what both you and your drivers need to perform at their best. 

Our services can be scaled to meet your needs, and we’ll have dedicated dispatchers on your account, so they’ll be familiar with how you do things. 

Get the night dispatching services you need at a price you can afford. Contact us today! 

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