The Problem with Dispatch Call Centers

The Problem with Dispatch Call Centers

For companies operating within today’s highly competitive logistics industry, offering 24-hour dispatching services is a must. Many larger contracts won’t even accept bids from companies that don’t offer day and night dispatch.  

The trouble is, staffing a night dispatch crew can be very costly for small and medium size businesses. 

As a solution to this paradox, many companies turn to a third-party to handle their night dispatch services. The problem is, most of these third-party services are essentially call centers. 

While call centers are affordable, they come with a different kind of cost: miscommunication and generally poor service. 

If you’re considering using a call center to handle your extra dispatch needs, here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider. 

Unfamiliar with Your Company 

For call centers, customers tend to be just another number on a list of many different companies. They don’t know your culture, your values, or your systems. There’s a good chance the dispatcher working with a driver at a particular time has never even communicated with your company before, regardless of how long you’ve worked with the call center. 

This can lead to a lot of frustration and mistakes, as they fail to measure up to the promises you’ve made to your employees and drivers. 

Unfamiliar with the Industry 

In addition to not being familiar with your company, they might not even be particularly familiar with trucking and freight as a whole. Third party dispatching companies and call centers tend to work with anyone who needs dispatch, including hospitals, fire departments, and more. 

The dispatching needs of an ambulance driver are very different than the needs of a truck driver, which can result in miscommunication and confusion. 

Language Barriers 

Call centers tend to be setup overseas where labor costs are considerably cheaper. While this helps keep a low price point, it also means you’re dealing with a lot of people whose first language isn’t English. Even if they’re considered fluent in English, there can be certain nuances and cultural expressions that get lost in translation. 

Lack of Control 

Call centers tend to be a “you get what you pay for” service. This might be okay when you’re ordering a $5 Hot-and-Ready Pizza from Little Caesar’s, but when it comes to your company, you want control over it.  

Even if it’s a third-party you’re working with, you need them to operate according to your system and your brand. Unfortunately, with call centers, you don’t really get that level of control. 

A Better Solution for Third-Party Dispatching 

Is it possible to get the affordability of third-party dispatch without the massive loss in quality that comes with call centers? The answer is yes. Night Dispatch is here to act as a seamless extension of your logistics company. 

Our office is located right here in the US, and we only operate within the trucking industry, so we know the lingo and how the system works. Additionally, we assign dedicated dispatchers to our clients so that they’re familiar with who you are and how you run things. 

Contact us today and see what makes us so unique. 

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