How Small Companies Can Compete

As a small business, it can sometimes feel impossible to compete against the big names of the industry. Not only are they already known by all of your potential customers, but they have resources far beyond what you do. They can make promises, offer services, and set prices that you can’t.  Some small businesses try anyway, and the results are generally disastrous.   There’s a scene in the movie Moneyball where the Boston Red Sox are trying to recruit players for the upcoming baseball season so they can compete against their rivals, the Yankees. There’s just one problem: the Yankees have a considerably larger budget than the Red Sox.  

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Advantages of Using 3rd Party Dispatch

Dispatch is the pulse of the trucking world. In order to operate effectively, you need a trained dispatch team in place. But many companies, particularly smaller ones, lack the resources to fund the level of dispatch services they need. Particularly 24/7 dispatch. The good news is, there’s a solution to this problem: third-party dispatch. Third-party dispatch offers distinct advantages to companies of all sizes. Here are just a few: Cost Savings One of the most obvious advantages of using a third party for any part of your business is the cost savings. Hiring internal staff doesn’t just cost more in

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