Causes for Late Deliveries in Trucking

Causes for Late Deliveries in Trucking

The freight world is all about accuracy. The right items are supposed to get to the right place in the right condition at the right time. In a perfect world, that’s exactly what would happen. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes, deliveries are late. 

By understanding the most common causes for these deliveries, you can better prepare for them and handle them as they arise.  


As much as our world’s technology has advanced, we have yet to be able to control the weather. In fact, sometimes we struggle to accurately predict it at all. Whether it’s rain, ice, or snow, inclement weather can throw a serious wrench in deliveries.  

The best you can do is to keep an eye on forecasts and radar, while making sure communication stays open. Potential delays should also be accounted for in delivery estimates.  

Just remember, when bad weather arises, safety should ultimately take precedence over making a deadline. 

Road Conditions and Traffic 

Road construction is a bit of a necessary evil. Without it, our roads would become serious hazards for anyone driving on them.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to sit in. Thankfully, road construction can either be account for ahead of time or avoided entirely. 

This is where thorough route planning comes into play. With today’s technology and communication, it’s never been easier to avoid construction. 

Even random accidents and congestion are a total surprise with today’s mapping tools. Thanks to modern GPS visibility, road conditions are mapped in real time so your drivers can stay in the loop of what’s going on. Unless, of course, no one tells them what’s going on…. 

Poor Communication 

Dispatch and open communication are the lifeblood of logistics. You need to know where your drivers are at, and your drivers need to know what’s happening around them. A failure of communication leads to delays, missed routes, and general chaos. 

That’s why you need a professional, high-quality dispatch team in place 24/7. 

Human Error 

It’s not exactly revelatory that people make mistakes sometimes. In fact, we can make mistakes pretty frequently. Human error can be as simple as typing an “1” instead of a “2” or an O instead of a “0”. Someone might say the wrong pickup location or fail to convey an important detail. 

Thankfully, today’s transportation management systems and other software tools help safeguard against this. If you’re experiencing constant delays due to human error, it might be time to upgrade your company’s tools. 

Delays will Happen 

Despite everything you do, delays and missed deadlines will inevitably happen. Sometimes, it will be your fault. Sometimes it will be out of your hands completely. At that point, what matters most is how you handle it. 

Once again, this is where visibility and proper dispatching come in handy. 

Smaller logistics companies have often struggled to employ 24/7 dispatch teams, preventing them from properly handling potential delays. Often, companies won’t even accept bids from teams that can’t offer 24/7 dispatch. 

That’s where we come in. True to our name, we offer 3rd party night dispatch services that integrate seamlessly with your team. We provide exceptional quality thanks to our years of experience in the industry, all for a very affordable price. 

If you’re serious about reducing delays and increasing visibility, contact Night Dispatch today! 

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