Looking Back on a Successful Year

Looking Back on a Successful Year

Night Dispatch is proud to have ended another successful year in 2022, and is looking forward to reaching more goals and helping our clients succeed in 2023. As we look back on the year, we are thankful for all of our clients and what they do, as well as our wonderful dispatchers and staff who help make it all happen. 

One of our greatest accomplishments in 2022 was being able to move all administrative positions into a physical office. Our team has worked remotely for the past 14 years, before remote work was so popular. Over the past year, however, we exceeded our sales goals and decided that moving administrative offices under one roof was the best move to help us reach our future goals. 

Night Dispatch was also fortunate enough to not feel the pains of having staffing issues. We were actually overwhelmed with job inquiries and decided to take advantage of the situation to bring on more staff, allowing us to ease up the workload of our team. We are excited to now have a CPO (Chief People Officer), as well as more managers to break up our teams and the workload to have a healthier work environment. Because of our full staff, we were able to implement better screening and training processes, which will allow us to retain our staff and provide the best service possible to our clients. 

Our Goals for 2023 and Beyond

We see a bright future for Night Dispatch and our clients as we continue to grow our management team and form new relationships with TMS companies. Our goal is to always provide our clients with the best service, and we want to stay on top of cutting-edge technology and information in order to do so. 

As we begin a new year and look ahead to the future, we are excited to share that our clients will have the option to add additional back-office services, as well as have access to extended dispatch and service hours. We look forward to being able to provide our clients with higher level services to help serve them in any way that they need. 

If you are looking for an after-hour dispatch team or other administrative help, our Night Dispatch team would love to chat with you! Contact us today to learn about how we can help you be successful in 2023 and beyond.