Improving Freight Visibility

Everyone wants a visible supply chain. More than wanting it, some companies will demand it. Many manufacturers, sellers, and retailers require 100% visibility from anyone they work with. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a promising contract because you can’t meet the visibility requirements. 

The good news is, with modern practices and today’s technology, even small-to-midsized logistics companies can provide an unprecedented level of visibility. It starts with the right tools. 

Utilizing Modern Software 

Today’s transportation management systems (TMS) play a big role in maintaining efficiency and visibility. It integrates with GPS, scheduling software, tracking systems, and more, adjusting to changes and monitoring progress in real time. You need to make sure your software not only integrates with your own tools, but that it can communicate with the platforms of your customers and brokers. 

If you find your current software’s capabilities are falling short of what you need them to do, we’d strongly suggest upgrading. Though switching and upgrading software can be a frustrating process, it’s necessary to keep up with modern expectations and capabilities. 

The good news is, modern software is more intuitive and easier to learn than ever. 

Quality TMS software doesn’t just improve visibility in the present, but thanks to data gathering, it can improve your performance moving forward.  

Not only can powerful software come at a low price point, but thanks to increased visibility and efficiency, it can lower your expenses and allow you to take on bigger, better clients. What was once only available to large freight companies with massive budgets can now be afforded by small companies. 

Dispatch Tells the Whole Story  

Along with the 100% visibility requirement, many larger contracts require 24/7 dispatch. Even with the best tools, you still need a real person at the center to respond to problems and answer timely questions. Sometimes technology breaks. GPS systems can lose their signal. 

And you never know what issues might arise on the open road. 

Simply put, you can’t provide true 24-hour freight tracking without a dispatch team always being present. Many smaller freight companies struggle to employee overnight dispatchers. That’s where we can help. 

24/7 Visibility at a Price You Can Afford 

At Night Dispatch, we’re pros at working seamlessly with freight companies’ existing systems. We’re experienced in the latest TMS software and GPS tracking capabilities, so you, your freight brokers, and your clients know where things are at, even in the middle of the night. 

If you want to take your freight visibility to the next level, contact Night Dispatch today! 

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