Dispatch is the pulse of the trucking world. In order to operate effectively, you need a trained dispatch team in place. But many companies, particularly smaller ones, lack the resources to fund the level of dispatch services they need. Particularly 24/7 dispatch.

The good news is, there’s a solution to this problem: third-party dispatch.

Third-party dispatch offers distinct advantages to companies of all sizes. Here are just a few:

Cost Savings

One of the most obvious advantages of using a third party for any part of your business is the cost savings. Hiring internal staff doesn’t just cost more in terms of base salary, but there’s also training hours, benefits packages, management costs, turnover, and more.

By utilizing a third-party dispatch company, all those additional expenses are taken off your plate.

Better Equipment and Service

Third party dispatch companies put all of their budget, focus, and training on dispatch. That means they’re experts in the field, staying up with the best practices while utilizing the best equipment.

Perform at a Higher Level

If you’re a small to mid-sized freight or trucking company, you know you don’t have the resources the big brands do. They can make promises, offer quotes, and make deadlines that you alone cannot.

But with a third-party dispatch team at your side, the playing field can be leveled. Suddenly, you have access tools once outside of your reach. You’re able to provide a level of service and communication to your clients equal to, if not better than the bigger names in the industry.

Focus on What You Do Best

With another team dedicated to handling your dispatch, you’re free to focus on the rest of your services. No more juggling multiple hats or worrying where your shipments or drivers are at. Instead, you can put your attention to what matters most to your company.

A Seamless Customer Experience

At the end of the day, your customers don’t know if you’re using a third party dispatch service, or you’re doing everything yourself. They care about the level of service they receive. They need to know where their shipments are, and they need you to make sure they arrive on time.

A quality dispatch company can ensure that will happen.

But as a business, you still want to make sure your company’s values and protocols are followed. That’s why you need a dispatch company that acts as an extension of your brand. At Night Dispatch, it’s our goal to create a seamless experience for your customers and employees.

Our team will learn your SOP, and if you don’t have a proper SOP in place, we can help you create one.

For 24/7 truck dispatch services that are true to your company’s brand, use Night Dispatch. We’ll provide the advantage that you’ve been looking for.

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